National Aboriginal Birth Certificate Program

The PNABC program is currently not running, but Pathfinders is determined to source additional funds to keep this vital program operating.

An estimated 300,000 Australians have not had their births registered and 500,000 do not have a birth certificate.  As a consequence, many people struggle to fully participate in Australian society without this simple but vital document. They experience difficulty enrolling in schools and in accessing mainstream services, such as opening bank accounts, joining sporting clubs, voting, and applying for a job, a driver’s licence or a passport.

Pathfinders National Aboriginal Birth Certificate Program

The Pathfinders Aboriginal Birth Certificate Project, is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program that aims to redress this issue by conducting sign-up days in towns and areas where there are significant numbers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who don’t have birth certificates. Since the program’s inception more than 8,000 people have gained access to their birth certificates.


A free Birth Certificate is available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • Are preparing to attend pre-school
  • Are preparing to attend primary school
  • Are preparing to attend secondary school
  • Are transitioning from school to the workforce
  • Are transitioning from school into further education
  • Were born in NSW, Qld, ACT or Vic
  • A parent of children / young people applying is also eligible

ID requirements

Pathfinders recognises that in the absence of a Birth Certificate it may be difficult to produce the forms of identification required to apply for a certificate. Several forms of identification are still required by law and Parents/Guardians and young people 16 yrs and over must bring 3 forms of ID from the following:

Category 1
(You need one from here)
Category  2
(You need two from here)
Proof of Guardianship
(You need one from here)
Driver’s License Medicare Card Child’s name on Medicare card
Passport Credit or Debit Card Child’s name on C’link card
Firearm’s License Proof of Age Card Letter from at GP
RTA or RMS Photo card Letter from Centrelink
Centrelink Benefit Card
Certificate of Aboriginality
Marriage License


Other aspects of the project:

We continue to advocate and lobby for additional funding and to make the process simpler and more affordable for all Australians. Private and corporate donations are welcome.

If you would like to discuss a donation or funding opportunity for this vital program, contact Joe Craigie on 0409 583 653 or joec@pathfinders.ngo


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