Drumbeat – Keeping the Beat in Inverell


The end of the recent school term saw the completion of a very successful Drumbeat program at both Macintyre and Inverell High. What a great group of boys we worked with, everyone enjoyed the program and no one wanted it to end.

As a finale to the program, our Inverell High group attended the local nursing home to entertain residents with several performances. Playing to the hit song “Best Day of My Life” and everyone involved had a great time. There was a special moment at the end of one performance when one boy picked up his drum, went over to a lady sitting in a chair, showed her the drum and then got her to play it.

We have received positive feedback from those who participate in the workshops, with a number saying how Drumbeat has helped them at home and at school.

We look forward to next term when we return to Inverell High with Drumbeat and a new group of students.