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Client Referral and Case Plan Pathway

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Client Information

Why be referred to BTC Case Coordination?

This is for families with lots of challenges and concerns, who need more then one service to support them. The idea is that it gets everyone working together to support you to meet you and your families needs.

How do I decide if BTC case coordination is for me and my family?

Are current services not enough to meet the needs of you and your family in a timely manner? Do you see your situation getting worse in the near future? Are there multiple problems and or challenges facing your family?

What sort of Problems can we help with?

All types of problems, from feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of parenting, children’s behavioural problems, mental health and wellbeing , housing, fears that you or your children are at risk of being hurt, being abused or exposed to violent behaviours, financial issues, drug and alcohol, needing family support, and more.

How do we help you?

We take a very detailed look at your family situation. We look at strengths and needs and together with you work out a plan that will help you move forward in the best way possible to achieve your goals

Why we ask for permission?

When someone asks you if you and your family would like to be referred to the BTC CC you will be asked to provide your consent in writing this gives permission for agencies to work together to assist you.
However, if the safety, welfare or wellbeing of child or young person is at risk – then a referral can  be made without consent.

How will you know who is working with your family?

A Case Plan Leader will be chosen to work with you, your family and the other service providers who are supporting your family. They will talk to you and let you know which agencies they are working with.

What happens next?

As soon as you agree to working with BTC CC, the Family Referral Service gathers information about what is working and not working at this time. But importantly we ask you what you would like to happen, what are your goals?.   The Case Planner who leads the process will  be responsible for working with you and supporting you through the process.

Who is involved?

A range of Government and Non-Government agencies can be involved . Only the agencies needed will be involved to work with you.. Some agencies included might be:

  • BTC Case Coordination Group (BTC CCG)
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Justice, Community Corrections
  • Department of Justice, Juvenile Justice
  • Family and Community Services, Mid North Coast
  • Mid North Coast Local Health District;
  • Pathfinders Family Referral Service Mid North Coast
  • NSW Police Force, Mid North Coast Local Area Command

 Required Documents